Motivation Factor Assessment

6 April 2020

We are living through strange times, facing challenges new to humanity, that span the globe and do not respect the spaces we have defined for ourselves. Our work lives are being turned upside down. We are learning to deal with new ways of working. We grapple with new norms, new media and the most difficult of all, social isolation.

Working in isolation from homes can often be boring and lonely. Motivation flags, problem-solving, innovation, creativity take several steps back, our work energy drops. Unusual circumstances like these require that we be more alert than normal, more motivated and effective at remote work and in our lives. We need to adapt faster than normal with resolve and energy.

We at VentureBean, understand that motivation can be a challenge. We bring you the research-based online Motivation Factor Assessment – a simple, affordable, measurable and actionable assessment that works with motivation at the strategic level. Motivation Factor provides insights, practical tools, and awareness enabling you to take control and ownership of your own motivation.

We will follow this up with an hour-long Virtual Personal Coaching session by certified and experienced consultants from VentureBean, completely FREE of cost to help you and your team identify and work on specific actions to pursue and to stay highly engaged and motivated in a virtual work environment.

Those interested in further coaching / mentoring sessions can discuss with us on structured sessions customized to individual needs with respect to time, frequency, objectives.

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