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Case Study

VentureBean is passionate about results and it shows in the success of our clients. Companies that work with us usually outperform the market. We share our clients ambitions. We work to understand their reality and deliver tangible results through strategic decisions and practical actions.

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Organisation / Business
▪ Start-up firm wishing to be an E-commerce marketplace for Kitchenware.


Business Plan / Structure, identifying key differentiators for sustenance / growth, leading to funding

Engagement & Results

Across 6 months of engagement, VentureBean helped to pivot the business, with multiple lines of business / value-verticals, with e-commerce just an enabler and instead of being a kitchenware marketplace, they are on their way to being a one-stop kitchen expert.

VentureBean value-add has been in the following areas :

▪ Revenue growth : 25% month-on-month – currently @ 90,000 footfalls on website

▪ Increased lines of revenue generation including

▪ Wholesale – Targeting Small Retailers with purchasing power but no accessibility to procure specialty / imported products

▪ Additional channels – Multi-level-marketing – women’s group as hyper-local sales force

▪ Affiliates / collaborations – e.g.,

▪ Happy Roar – Have tied up to serve up complete kitchen segment.

▪ 49to499 – Kitchen Segment fulfilled by

▪ MebelKart

▪ Lines of Business (LOBs) increased to include appliances, services

▪ Optimized cost of customer acquisition – Focused customer segmentation / targeting – based on analytics of profile / buying behavior – to optimize campaign management and phased Geographical expansion

  • Branding including signing on chefs and other key influencers

▪ Financial Management

  • Focus on staying cash positive
  • Inventory management process optimized to bring in improved turns @ lower cost; hub & spoke / direct delivery model preferred over stock & sell.
  • Financial governance and capital structuring
Organisation / Business
▪ Start-up firm in range of affordable devices for specialized medical care; promoter team comprising a marketing events manager and 2 top doctors in speciality medicare


Business Plan / Structure, phasing including go-to-market leading to funding

Engagement & Results

VentureBean engaged extensively as below :

Part A : Structuring the Business + Building the Business Growth Plan

  • Possible business verticals / LOBs (Lines of Business), based on market landscape / potential
  • Business projections for 5 years
    • Revenue Model – including Product & Service offerings, customer targeting & acquisition, roll out strategy and timeline for phasing / scale-up, creating USP / differentiators
    • Cost structures (incl. Organisation Structure / Team required, Technology, Branding / Marketing – online and offline etc – for push & pull)
  • Financial modelling – including P&L, BS, CF
  • Risks identification, quantification and mitigation measuresTAM (total addressable market) / Competitive landscape
  • Valuation, shareholding and dilution strategy
  • Also included conservative and optimistic / aggressive scenarios based on
    • Business phasing as above
    • Own / external funding

Part B : Fund Raising (on best-efforts basis) : VentureBean worked on the Information Memorandum  to facilitate syndication drive, and assisted with in raising Capital – pre-Series A thru :

  • Support in identifying the right category of Investor and taking the proposal to them for raising capital
  • Partner in discussions / meetings with interested investors and negotiations of the term sheet.
  • Timing of the funds infusion, structuring and governance for utilisation

Firm has secured funding of $ 0.5 M which should see them scale comfortably for a period of 18 months.

Organisation / Business
▪ 1.5-Year old Company, with a Proactive IT Tech Support platform solution that helps Detect, Diagnose and Resolve issues across all device platforms to reduce expenses and improve customer satisfaction, and upsell / cross-sell opportunities. with 1 B2B client in Pilot stage

Scope / Requirement
  • Business Plan / structuring for scale-up
  • Management band-width support
  • Fund raising

Engagement & Results

Over a period of 2  years, VentureBean added significant value resulting in :

  • Business Planning
  • Round 1 funding of $ 4M
  • Team scale-up including technology, customer acquisition / business development, operations support
  • Client-base now over 10 B2B clients (all global MNCs), with over 1 Million user-base
  • Revenue crossed $ 8M; profitability over 40% Op Inc.
  • Setting up US on-site location for global expansion
  • Generating interest for Round 2 of $ 10M
Organisation / Business
▪ 1-Year Company, focused on reinventing learning through gamification of assessments for K-10, skill enhancement and global benchmarking.

Scope / Requirement
  • Business Plan / structuring for scale-up
  • Fund raising

Engagement & Results
  • B2C focused customer plan re-cast with B2B, B2B2C focus, eliminating scale-up risks
  • Positioning and Marketing model optimized to include scaleable, stickiness with the customer
  • Strategy canvas project managed for better ROI
  • Cash burn optimized to make the business cash positive in 15 months.
  • Pre-Series funding of INR 2.5 crs lined up
Organisation / Business
▪ 30-year company Home and Office blinds and green–building, eco-friendly systems with global coverage, pan-India presence.

▪ Facing profitable business growth issues, high competition and inconsistent supply chain and customer service isues

Engagement & Results
This firm approached VentureBean in Jan, 2015 for Business Advisory services to work on process improvement.

Over the last 1.8 years of engagement, improvements have been made in :

▪ Structure firmed,
▪ Roles and responsibilities, KRAs & KPIs defined for all key management roles
▪ Performance management
▪ Coaching and mentoring for key management personnel
Sales & Marketing
▪ Geographies restructured for sales potential vs profitability and consistency of order, ease of service
▪ Process mapped end-to-end, gaps identified and fixed thru’ 6-sigma approach
▪ Online and offline presence / activities streamlined and optimized
▪ Incentive structures strengthened
▪ Customer Service – Issues identified thru’ Fish-Bone, Root-Cause Analysis
▪ Supply Chain – Norms firmed for inventory / stock-holding, vendor-on-boarding & rating parameters firmed, negotiation
▪ Manufacturing – Quality norms / checks upgraded, wastage and utilization factors optimized
▪ Cash flow and profitability analysis re-defined and governed
▪ Working capital norms tightened
The organization has shown 20% topline growth, in the previous fiscal, with improved profitability as compared to the previous year.

The current fiscal’s Plan is 50% higher than the previous one and in the 5 months to date, growth of 87% is shown vs previous year.

Happier customers with quicker turnaround from enquiry to order generation, service and collections. Engaged employees with greater teamwork.
Organisation / Business
▪ 13-year IT company into Software Application Development, Managed IT and Enterprise Solutions, Web Presence Solutions, having covered clients across multiple geographies.

▪ Facing slow / stagnant growth, issues with

▪ people (attrition, accountability, performance management)
▪ process
    Business Development – revenue generation, conversion, pre-sales
    Operations – project management, estimation
    Finance – cash flow and profitability management

Engagement & Results
This firm approached VentureBean in Dec., 2013 as a one-stop Business Solutions provider to address the challenges faced. The engagement model was customized as a monthly retainer with VentureBean as a Business Advisor. Scope was to include all the processes end-to-end and help in Business Planning / Scaling.

VentureBean Value Addition across 2.5 years of engagement

Strategy / Sales & Marketing
▪ Geography expansion
     Key achievement – started Qatar office – cash positive in Year 1 and now contributing to 30% + of revenue
    US on-site / in-country footprint launched
    Collaborations / networks
▪ 20% improvement in revenue generation from traditional Lines of Business (LOBs) – improved closure rates & average order value (AOV) / larger ticket sizes, better positioning / key differentiators etc.
▪ Added additional LOBs on value-chain map – now 15% of revenue

▪ Coaching & Mentoring – of CEO, COO, and their direct reports
▪ Hiring / onboarding key experienced professionals for US foray
▪ Performance management – retaining high performers, managing bottom quartile, etc.

▪ Improved estimate efficiency & effectiveness – to improve closure
▪ Tight project management – to avoid project scope & time creep
▪ Improved utilization & skilling scale-up to improve cost effectiveness
▪ Improved working of cross-functional teams
Organisation / Business
▪ Under 1 group umbrella with topline of over Rs. 130 crores, clutch of companies comprising life sciences, Radiant healthcare, OT Design / Project Management, OT Equipment, Surgical Disposables, CathLabs, pharmaceuticals distributorship, Hospital-based Pharmacies, Retail Pharmacies & Convenience Stores.

▪ Define the organization structure
▪ Define Roles & Responsibilities for the key management roles and functional verticals
▪ Define the business processes across the entity to cover processes of all departments, inter-departmental connects and inter-company process/governance linkages
▪ The defined business processes must serve as blueprint inputs to the IT team for subsequent ERP implementation
▪ Documentation to cover the organisation structure, roles & responsibilities matrix and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Engagement & Results

VentureBean Approach and coverage as follows :

  • Baselined existing structures and processes with detailed process maps. Mapped desired state end-to-end business processes & identified gaps
  • Defined improvements in structures and processes – for improved efficiency / effectiveness + possible decentralisation / empowerment
  • Organization and role definition, pan organization – KPIs / KRA identified, defined, linked with performance management system
  • Blueprint and SOP Documentation all departmental processes including inter-department dependencies
  • Defined governance and reporting mechanisms at organization and shared services levels
  • Matrix structure

This has further resulted in next steps of

  • Hiring
    • Screen for key positions
    • On-boarding / Induction
  • Implementation
    • Establish role clarity / Cascade KRA / JDs
    • Change Management and Training
    • Coaching & Mentoring key personnel
    • Assessment of key personnel
  • Governance
    • Set up weekly structure (Incl. Reports, Metrics, etc)
    • Review H1 performance
    • Revised outlook for H2
    • Ensure sustenance of review meetings / improvement
    • Facilitate inter-dept structured functioning
  • Business Plan 5 Years (FY 17-18 onwards) incl :
    • Product & Service offerings / portfolio and roadmap for scale-up – value-added services – business phasing
    • Revenue Plan – broken down by Product Lines / Verticals, Services, Geographies, Customers / Key Accounts,
    • Cost structures – (incl. Resource build-up, Technology, Branding / Marketing – online and offline, other OH)
    • Financials : P&L, BS, CF / Funding required
    • Assist in set-up of inter-dept. Budgeting / Planning
    • Annual Plan Meet / Target setting for next year
Organisation / Business
▪Large multi-enterprise group, with over 100 institutions across multiple states.

Scope / Requirement
  • Immediate concerns around student:teacher ratios, salary:role inconsistencies,
  • Inconsistent and non-standard processes, need for consistent metrics and measures etc;
  • Design and deploy a market research and/or survey for comparable benchmarking on multiple factors like:
  • Current demand and supply in the current geographies
    • Fees affordability
    • Income profiles / Compensation benchmarks
    • Competition mapping – what facilities / extras offered etc
  • HR review and optimization covering:
    • Recruitment / On-boarding
    • Compensation & Benefits
    • Roles & responsibilities
    • Performance Management
    • Retention

Objective: Standardising with best practices that result in measurable indicators  for management on-the-spot decision making & enhancements operationalised. Coverage areas :

  • Identifying gaps with respect to overall schools administration + helping with process improvement in
    • Operations
      • Branding / Marketing / Leads Generation / Business Development – for admissions – both online and offline
      • Infrastructure
      • Statutory
      • Recruitment
      • Admissions
      • Administration (detailed below)
      • Vendor Management
    • Academics / Skill Enhancement
      • Content
      • Assessment
      • Training
      • Value-Added Services
    • Sustenance / Growth
      • Governance – weekly dashboards / metrics and performance reviews across metrics, functions
      • Business Planning for growth – covering all the above

Approach followed Six-Sigma DMAICR – Process Diagnostics, Improvement, Certification (as may be required) and Sustenance

Engagement & Results


  • Process driven, System controlled practices, NOT people or person-dependent. Moving from people-driven to process-driven
  • Managing by exceptions – at teacher & admin / principal levels
  • Transparency
    • For Teachers
      • Teacher-wise performance appraisal linked to goal setting
      • Teacher attendance
      • Curriculum progress management
    • For Students
      • Student-wise performance ratios
      • Student-wise attendance / drop-out ratios / exit – linked to reasons – pareto analysis
      • Remedial assessment for poor performers
    • Parent / Student profiling – background / income / location / profession
    • Financials : Costs & ROI analysis
Organisation / Business
▪ 3-Year old Company, with initial seed money put in promoters, Telematics product showing good traction, with client sign-ups and 1 vertical / line of business.

Scope / Requirement
  • Business Plan / structuring for scale-up
  • Fund raising

Engagement & Results

VentureBean engaged to value-add as under :

  • Identified and firmed up value–chain, geographical expansion with multiple verticals and value-added services, with one-time / recurring revenues across multiple streams, resulting in broader portfolio of services and products, and improved profitability
  • Technology / security assessment and infra requirements optimized
  • Firm raised Pre-Series A round successfully $1 M
  • Revenues scale-up by 30%
Organisation / Business
▪ 4-Year Company, Over 32M revenue, and 3000+ employees, Resource outsourcing, mobility and cloud services, Business Intelligence, Analytics and Knowledge Management

Scope / Requirement

Review and strengthen end-to-end following processes :

  • Sales / GTM / Customer Acquisition
  • Branding / Marketing
  • Operations
  • Support – incl. HR, Finance, Technology

Also, firm the strategy for geography expansion into US, products and collaborations.

Objectives :

  • Improvement in efficiency / effectiveness + possible decentralisation / empowerment
  • Implement sustainable change, as required
  • Building blocks for sustainable, profitable business growth

Engagement & Results

The VentureBean Approach followed broadly:

  • Review of past data / MIS / information
  • Review of existing processes
  • Discussions with leaders, key members, teams to get their perspective on what is working and what is not.
  • Participation in business meetings to check governance process
  • Gap Analysis / Identification of Improvement areas – including documentation, systems and training requirements
  • Course corrections / interventions required across process interlinkages / dependencies, organisation / roles and responsibilities were designed
  • Governance mechanisms – to check for adherence / lapses, if any
  • Course correction to ensure sustainability
  • Coaching / mentoring – for top management + direct reports
  • Training – technical / leadership development – for top management + direct reports
  • Business research – Secondary – for identification of opportunity / landscape for growth. Execution of the research will be through VentureBean partners (at actuals)
  • Business Planning – incl. value chain movement / mapping new lines of business – services or products
  • Risk identification & management – Review / strengthen the business, financial governance process, technology risk etc
  • Team building and management – profiling and screening for final rounds. Executive search will be through VentureBean partners (at actuals)
  • Business Advisory : Operations Excellence & KPI Monitoring – weekly & monthly reviews

Results :

  • Role clarity for top and senior management
  • Attrition managed to single digits
  • Newer and profitable service lines opened up
  • Value-addition to existing customer base, improving revenue generation and profitability
  • Actual performance @ 120% of targets
  • US operations scaled
Organisation / Business
▪ Infrastructure group into Airports, Roads, Energy, Water etc
▪ Tier 1 Steel Manufacturer
▪ Top 10 Mining company
▪ Global provider of banking, mortgage, investing, credit card, insurance, and consumer and commercial financial services
▪ Indian company which manufactures retail products such as watches, jewellery, fragrances and eyewear

Scope / Requirement & Engagement
VentureBean delivered the following :
▪ Leadership program across pan-India locations, across verticals for the senior management team across focus competencies
▪ Year-long succession planning exercise for top management including competency mapping, behavioural styles and performance-linked competency development
▪ 18-month key talent skill enhancement program
▪ Coaching / mentoring and customised workshops for key talent