Strengthening the organization, team, and individuals for change and growth.

Experienced Management Consulting Professionals


Our expertise lies in baselining and developing all people related growth initiatives that include improvements pertaining to Visioning, OKRs, KPIs & RASICs Performance Management and employee engagement & retention.

Organisation Growth Initiatives

  • Employee engagement & Retention.
  • Visioning, Organisation OKRs
  • KPIs, RASICs, Performance Management systems
  • Assessment - Baselining key leadership and personnel on key competencies, identifying scaleability improvement areas – using Assessment tools (Motivation Factor, MBTI, DISC, Leadership Style, etc.)

Coaching / Mentoring

Executive, Business, Sales, Life Coaching for Corporate Leaders, mid-management, SMB promoters, Entrepreneurs Family Businesses

  • Individual-focused - linked to organisation objectives
  • Team / Buddy Mentoring – to improve step-up, scale-up based on factors identified during initial Assessment

Competency Development

Workshops (Physical and Virtual) – Senior & Mid-management – broadly covering Sustainable Leadership, Teaming, Change Management, Culture, Decision Making, etc. Development through multiple inputs.

  • Tools / Models
  • Case Studies
  • Videos / Movies
  • Learning by doing - Action Learning, On-the-job observation, feedback and Assignments
  • Learning from others - Experience Sharing, Role Plays
  • Self Discovery / Reflection

Experiential Management Game Based Learning