Management Consultants in Bangalore

VentureBean, one of the leading management consulting companies in Bangalore that makes it possible for its clients to become the finest in their arena.

VentureBean’s team of management consultants, not only provide advice, they work with you in the implementation and delivery of successful outcomes. Dedicated professionals at VentureBean help to evaluate your business, identify potential opportunities for operational improvement, and customize options to drive measurable results.

Team VentureBean with their extensive experience and knowledge accumulated through serving clients operating across multitude of industries spare no effort in gaining an in-depth understanding of your organisations business model, business custom, competitor dynamics, operations, company culture, objectives, and challenges.

They focus by aligning their perspective to their clients with a sense of commitment to ensure that the best practices are integrated into its operations and apply their insights and design focused strategies to address issues to achieve and sustain profitable growth and development.

Fostering Business Transformation

VentureBean’s management consulting service fosters business transformation and executes effective change management delivering business performance improvements to client organisations. Management consultants at ventureBean are trained to bring focus in critical issues as well as opportunities with their expert analysis and delivers:

It’s holistic perspective provide insights towards functional improvements in the organisation and capturing value across boundaries.

Strategic inputs

Operational assistance

Effective customer centric improvements

Reduction in costs and improvement of profit and shareholder value

The Value Addition of
Management Consultation

Management consultants by the very nature of their profession have exposure and experience in various business sectors, have faced challenges, witnessed and participated in devising successful solutions.
VentureBean’s competent management consultants bring up-do-date and innovatory thinking and valuable experience from all economic sectors to the challenges at hand.

Scope of Management Consultation Assignment

Each assignment is unique. VentureBean evaluates the scope of assignment based on business goals and challenges after comprehensive discussions and consultations prior to signing up.

VentureBean’s capabilities extend to all aspects of business management, its admired services are as follows:

The Change Management Mindset

Competition is fierce in the global markets, organizations have to evolve and change in order to succeed. VentureBean instill this change embracing mindset to adapt to new developments and change amongst Its clients. Being able to change is a momentous competitive advantage for organizations now and in the future.

Change management in itself is constantly evolving with its own skill-sets, tools, and methods when deployed correctly, pave the way for effective change and success. VentureBean’s experience with introducing change and change management has rendered success for Its clients and earned the reputation that VentureBean and its team of management consultants own today.

Performance Improvement

As an experienced management consulting firm in Bangalore, VentureBean performs business transformation programs with successful outcomes. Team VentureBean’s performance-enhancing strategies extends to planning, facilitation and acceleration of business transformations.
Improving performance of an organisation involves the ability and experience of grasping the business from end-to-end. Gaining a deep understanding of organisation and its processes is essential in any performance improvement program.

Team of management consultants offers performance improvement services that are equipped to assist with operational improvement by injecting creativity in drafting a transformational journey towards performance improvement. VentureBean has a proven track record of enhancing key performance indicators, achieve higher revenue and reduce costs.

Manage from a Position of Strength

As one of the leading management consulting companies in Bangalore VentureBean empowers you with improved decision making skills. It’s cost management insights helps reduce costs and builds a strong and effective organisation.
The current, challenging business environment requires competitive advantages and demands fiscal austerity. Technological advances are disrupting established business models worldwide. However, management consulting team at VentureBean has successfully enabled their client organisations thrive in the face of challenge with their inputs and strategic approach.

Reputed as the top management consulting firms in Bangalore, VentureBean nurtures a culture of reinvention, innovation, and above all a sense of curiosity among its consultants.

Forging ahead, VentureBean’s management consulting services deliver higher revenue with optimal cash flows and lower costs, making it possible for It’s clients to set and achieve higher goals, penetrate new markets and embrace emerging technologies.

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Years of collective experience

How We Help


Align your business goals for growth and experience a measurable impact. We partner to build sustainable, profitable growth through


Develop your leaders, team to reach their potential and achieve tangible results through.
  • Organisation Growth Initiatives – Visioning, OKRs, KPIs & RASICs and performance management systems
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Coaching (Executive, Business, Sales, Life) for Corporate Leaders; Mentoring for mid-management, SMB promoters, Entrepreneurs, Family Businesses
  • Customized Competency Development Workshops
  • Proprietary Experiential Management Game-based Learning.


Enhance the financial strength of your firm through our expertise in
  • Transactional Advisory – M&A, Due Diligence, Valuation & Capital Structuring
  • CFO Services – Business Planning, MIS, Funds Management & Risk Management
  • Fund Raising – Equity and Debt

Who We Help

We work with Family Businesses, Venture and Impact Funds and Incubators & Accelerators to facilitate growth and Return on Investment (RoI) across Business Functions.

Early Stage

Get your ideas validated, check for feasibility, scalability, design a workable business model, plan for growth and implementation assistance with mentoring and access to capital.


Baseline your current business operations, identify opportunities for growth and profitability improvement, streamline your business processes. Get coached for success, build capability of your teams. Use our expertise to restructure the business for organic, inorganic and global expansions and readiness for due diligence. Leverage our expertise for management support and bandwidth. Differentiate through digital transformation.


Elevate and nurture the leadership quotient of top, senior and mid-level key talent through our immersive experiential learning programs, individual and group life and business / functional coaching. Partner with us to professionalise and scale your extended stakeholder network of dealers, distributors. Redefine and transform to create higher levels of economic value.

Industries We Serve


IT/ITES, e-Commerce, Telematics, Analytics


FMCG, Retail, Travel, Leisure & Entertainment


Consumer, IT, Hospitality


MedTech, Pharma, Hospitals

Banking Financial Service

FinTech, Private Equity


EdTech, Institutions


Realty, Telecom Mining


Automotive, Industrial, Chemicals

Our Clients

Our Ecosystem


Manoj Tharian

MicroGenesis TechSoft has been working with Venturebean Consulting for the past three months on growth and business planning for the current year as well as the upcoming financial year 2022-23. This will also include end-to-end process improvements across all functions. Venturebean not only provide advice; they spare no effort in gaining an in-depth understanding of the organization’s business model and practices, competitor dynamics, operations, company culture, objectives, and challenges, including team capability. They have worked with us in the implementation and delivery of successful outcomes and met their deadlines to complete the first phase of their commitments.

Their commitment to ensuring best practices and insights are integrated into the business operations is deeply appreciated.

Their analyses, opinions, and recommendations have been beneficial to us. I am pleased with the way they manage their time and interactions with my colleagues, as well as the support they provide in getting things in order.

I look forward to continuing our work with them for smart and effective planning and execution of our business plan.

I am happy to recommend Venturebean Consulting for any of their areas of business.

Manoj Tharian
Managing Director, MicroGenesis TechSoft Pvt. Ltd.

Pradeep Soundararajan

VentureBean Consulting provided advisory inputs to the management at Moolya and helped structure things better in the company. We recommend VentureBean for all SMBs who need to feel confident about themselves.

Pradeep Soundararajan
Founder & Managing Director - Moolya

Thomas P. Thomas

Our association with VentureBean started out at a time when we were finding growth a challenge. Since then, over a two-year period, we have more than doubled our revenues and have streamlined many of our operations. The Management Support, handholding in execution, rigour in Governance, streamlining of Business Processes has brought more clarity and conviction on the path ahead, strengthening our business and people processes for our next growth phase.

Mathew is working with me and my leadership team as an Executive Coach, helping us identify areas of improvement in a leadership roles as we work on building the second line of leadership in our business scaling plans

Thomas P. Thomas
CEO, Zyxware Technologies

Amer Juneidi

We are very fortunate to be engaged with the VentureBean team. They help us with many business areas from Business Planning, Marketing Strategies and Business Development, Business Planning, Finance, and MIS to Logistics and Imports. They have vast knowledge and expertise in various fields and most importantly, they are always willing to take on new challenges in new fields and we are never disappointed. They are sharp, reliable, and trustworthy

Amer Juneidi
CEO, Habibi Falafel

George Mathew

We have been associated with VentureBean for over 5 years now. They have helped us scale our business – revenues tripled, profitability improved, portfolio of products expanded, geographical reach pan-India and South East Asia, customer base expanded to include multiple segments. VentureBean works closely with our team guiding on every aspect of business and in strengthening our team. Ownership and value are their key strengths. We are very thankful for their assistance and highly recommend VentureBean for businesses which are looking to grow, scale

George Mathew
MD, Matt’s Corner

Vishal Chenraj Jain

It’s been a very positive and professional experience with the VentureBean team, as they connect with our team and understand our processes quickly. Their domain knowledge is adding great value to our entrepreneurial ecosystem at JGI. Highly recommend their services as results will be exceptional.

Amer Vishal Chenraj Jain
Director – JGI Ventures

Rajumohan R

Team VentureBean – Thank you for the detailed final report. This was definitely a fruitful and fulfilling engagement, which helped me in understanding the areas where I have to focus/concentrate on. Thanks for your open and transparent feedback, which should help us move forward.

Rajumohan R
CEO, Xmplar ERP Solutions

Bharat Arya

Fynd would like to put on record our thanks and appreciation for the wonderful working experience and all the support we have had from the VentureBean team since our association began in July 2015. Your promptness, professionalism, knowledge of the subject, and your flexibility have been some of the salient highlights of our relationship. Not to mention your friendliness and openness to any ideas and suggestions from our side. We have always trusted your judgment, and will continue to do so. We look forward to a long and mutually worthwhile business association with VentureBean and look to your team as partners in our unravelling growth story.

Bharat Arya
CEO – Fynd Business Ventures

M Dhanapal

Before working with VentureBean, we were facing a few issues:
• We needed clarity. We needed to understand who our customers were, what customer segments we wanted to target, how to target them.
• We also wanted to understand what our best pricing options were.
• We wanted to define effective organisation Structure and Implement the process across the organisation.

The impact of our lack of clarity was that we didn’t know how to increase our profits. We didn’t know what we were trying to achieve, where to focus our resources, efforts, time and money, which is really key when you’re a SMB.
VentureBean clarified things for us, giving us a sense of direction and clear advice. We knew we had something to work with, a clear action plan. We enjoyed working with VentureBean because they are very good at what they do – really understanding SMBs. Very practical suggestions, practicing what they preach, very clear, very supportive and very nice folks to work with. I also liked that the fact that we could go to them and bounce off new ideas. VentureBean understands the big picture and their advice goes beyond marketing, business development into all aspects of business including operations, Finance and Governance.

M Dhanapal
CEO, Floret Media

Harshad Naik

I have worked closely with Mathew over the last 4 years. I have personally benefitted with his association. He was my Executive Coach. This was at a time when there were many operational issues in the ongoing global business and in parallel we were working on a major JV opportunity; this required balancing strategic thinking and at the same time taking care of the nitty-gritties of the ongoing business. Mathew helped me to put a plan in place and to crystallise my thought process. We worked on identifying blind spots and put a systematic plan to address them. He was always available and was a great sounding board when I needed it.

Mathew is a great human being and he has helped me beyond the coaching assignment. I admire the way he gives back to society through his philanthropic work. I strongly recommend Mathew.

Harshad Naik
Ex-MD, Huntsman International

Prasanna Rao

I’ve known Mathew since 2018 when I had the privilege of being coached by him. Mathew was on board to coach the India leadership team with a view to enhance the productivity and effectiveness.

Mathew is a man of few words and spares no room on providing feedback and areas for improvement. As a coach, Mathew assessed the strengths of each individual in the leadership team and would spend time to help to identify areas that would help the overall team to succeed
His strengths lie in understanding the lay of the land quickly and holding us accountable for actions with speed to drive results. He worked with me on few areas that helped me to strengthen my influencing skills by identifying stakeholders beyond peers, who can help me in building my business further and succeed.

Mathew brings in vast experience on to the table and having worked across the globe in various industries he is able to relate to the needs of business and help the leadership drive actions aligned to strategic imperatives for the organization.

I wish Mathew all the best!

Prasanna Rao
Business Director, Bostik

Abhijit Pendse

VentureBean is one of our key learning partners for over two years that delivered SKF Leadership Foundation, a key global programme as part of our Leadership maturity model for new managers. It has been a very rich and rewarding experience for us to partner with VentureBean. Sharing of personal triumphs, trials, and tribulations across different Leadership roles in Corporates helps to connect with participants and their reality with ease.

They have a unique style of illustrating the concepts and dilemmas managers face in this program with simplicity, patience, and rare authenticity. What is more pleasurable in working with VentureBean is that they have gone beyond the contract and commercial terms, investing much more, co-owning the program in the same measure as us. That makes us feel that we are indeed working with a learning partner.

Abhijit Pendse
GM-Talent Management, SKF India Limited

Akash J Ovian

Being a startup in a very niche market space (specialty coffee in India), the VentureBean team created great value for us with the experience they brought to our table. Our goal was to take our product online and increase visibility in our current market segment as well as new untapped segments.

VentureBean guided us to establish the ideal marketing mix, understand our audience better through segmentation, targeting and positioning, and establish a strong go-to-market strategy. As advised by Venturebean, we have focused on B2B2C channels to increase our reach, which has worked very well for us. We would highly recommend them for startups who have a strong and tested product in their arsenal but need guidance and vision in the departments of marketing, business processes and finance and accounting.

Akash J Ovian
Head of Marketing, Naivo Café

Jayasri Prasad

Leaving my corporate job after 25 years, I wanted to start something new. With nothing more than a good idea, I approached Mathew to help me navigate this new phase. I soon realised that the start- up journey is first about building the mindset of an entrepreneur and then working on the technical aspects. Mathew was an immense help as he patiently took on the role of a coach as I was searching for more clarity on what I wanted. Once my ideas got crystallised, Mathew took on the role of a consultant, helping me plan, strategise and implement my ideas. In addition to being a great Coach and Consultant, Mathew is extremely motivating and encouraging and is very generous with his time and advice. I would without hesitation recommend Mathew and VentureBean.

Jayasri Prasad
Founder and CEO, Sine Qua Non Sustainability