Our Expertise


Our expertise in Business Planning, improvement in processes, efficiency, profitability and management support for CXO roles, helps grow your business.

Operating Business Growth Plan

  • Idea Validation, Feasibility check
  • Revenue Model – including landscape, 4 Ps / GTM : Product & Service portfolio – across geographies / segments / value chains; evaluate risk / growth elements for RoI.
  • Cost structures including Opex and Capex for Organisation Structure, Infrastructure, Operations, Marketing etc.
  • Risks identification, quantification and mitigation measures
  • Financials: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows, Valuations
  • VentureBean follows the 6-Sigma DMAICR (Define-Measure-Analyse-Implement-Control-Report) Process for Growth:

Business Scalability Assessment

  • Baseline Review / gap analysis of current end-to-end business processes / interlinkages – Flows, KPIs, MIS
  • Impact of such gaps on key business performance metrics
  • Identify improvement areas

Business Process Re-engineering

  • Process Optimisation to benchmarked / desired state for each process
  • SOP Documentation for scalability across locations
  • Work Flows / diagrams for each function / department / process
  • Storyboarding with Process flow description details including hand-offs between functions, mentioning linkage to KPIs, RASICs
  • Dissemination workshops to enable buy-in and alignment
  • Monitoring mechanisms to ensure sustenance
  • VentureBean partners to help implement recommendations, action plans to ensure business objectives, outcomes

Strategic Partnering For Growth

  • Operational / Implementation Assistance
  • Help with hiring and scaling the right resources
  • Assist in real-time operational performance management, across functions, including managing challenges
  • Growth management including
    • Operational Structuring for growth – People and Business processes structuring and strengthening
    • Performance Management system including Roles and responsibilities / KRA, KPIs, process flow documentation across the organisation SOPs for functions / verticals
  • Governance / monitoring mechanisms for sustenance
  • Mentoring for promoters / key team members


Our expertise lies in baselining and developing all people related growth initiatives that include improvements pertaining to Visioning, OKRs, KPIs & RASICs Performance Management and employee engagement & retention.


  • Baselining key leadership and personnel on key competencies, identifying scaleability improvement areas using Assessment tools (Motivation Factor, MBTI, DISC, Leadership Style, etc.)

Coaching / Mentoring

  • Executive, Business, Sales, Life Coaching for Corporate Leaders, mid-management, SMB promoters, Entrepreneurs Family Businesses
  • Individual-focused – linked to organisation objectives
  • Team / Buddy Mentoring – to improve step-up, scale-up based on factors identified during initial Assessment Know More

Competency Development

  • Workshops (Physical and Virtual) – Senior & Mid-management – broadly covering Sustainable Leadership, Teaming, Change Management, Culture, Decision Making, etc. Development through multiple inputs.
  • Tools / Models
  • Case Studies
  • Videos / Movies
  • Learning by doing – Action Learning, On-the-job observation, feedback and Assignments
  • Learning from others – Experience Sharing, Role Plays
  • Self Discovery / Reflection

Organisation Growth Initiatives

  • Employee engagement & Retention.
  • Visioning, Organisation OKRs KPIs, RASICs, Performance Management systems

Experiential Management Game Based Learning

Experiential learning involving intensive, high-energy game play, bringing out natural behaviors in participants.
The facilitated debrief helps contextualize learnings to workplace situations.

You are part of a rescue mission in an earthquake-hit zone, to save lives and rehabilitate victims, under stress of time economy and communication. Learning outcomes include Decision making, collaborative problem solving and situational leadership.

Be part of a rescue expedition to a remote tribal area to conserve the environment. Learning outcomes include Planning, goal setting, time management and balancing individual and team goals.

Plan a rescue operation on foot to Mount Olympus @ 19,000 feet looking for survivors of a climbing expedition. Learning outcomes include strategic planning, data-driven decision making, managing uncertainty and taking calculated risks.