Business And Management Products

For business success, an enterprise needs enhanced data-driven decision making tools and strengthened competencies in their people at all levels to deal with ambiguity, drive change and improve competitiveness in the marketplace.

Our business consulting tools, Leadership programs and Games fulfill this requirement.

Business Consulting Tools

We help improve the way businesses interact with data
to accelerate organizational growth and foster trust among stakeholders.

Research & Analytics

Our research – primary and secondary, including social media – drives business decision making through powerful insights on the competitive landscape with risk and opportunity assessments.Our research– primary and secondary, including social media

Track The Talk

Track the Talk – our market research & analytics solutions are cost effective, customer-centric and profit-driven generating immediate ROI for customers.

Flow and Grow

Through Flow and Grow tool we provide cutting edge Big Data and Analytics solutions in the areas of marketing, supply chain, pricing strategy and social media.

Consumer Survey

Our personalized surveys are being used by global corporates to get consumer feedback on existing offerings, new launches and employee morale dip-sticks to drive change in their organizations and thereby create an engaged workforce.


UEngage – Engage your Right Audience and gather information that is most relevant for you based on the Sensitivity of the Poll, Survey or Assessment.


UFeedback – Real time Data, Pre-Populated Charts & Graphs to find hidden trends & Patterns. Easily Export Raw Data & Presentation ready Reports

Leadership Programs And Games

Our comprehensive Competency and Leadership Interventions are customized for experiential learning. Our multiple learning
inputs include games, videos, case studies, movies, shared experiences, focus groups, role plays for increased engagement and sustained learning.

Competency Development Programs

Our customized programs are built considering complexity of roles mapped to tenure, skill and competency requirements.

Leadership Games


You are part of a rescue mission in an earthquake-hit zone, to save lives and rehabilitate victims, under stress of time economy and communication. Learning outcomes include Decision making, collaborative problem solving and situational leadership.

36 Hours

Be part of a rescue expedition to a remote tribal area to conserve the environment.Learning outcomes include Planning, goal setting, time management and balancing individual and team goals.Be part of a rescue expedition to a remote tribal area to conserve the

Angels 18

Plan a rescue operation on foot to Mount Olympus @ 19,000 feet looking for survivors of a climbing expedition.Learning outcomes include strategic planning, data-driven decision making, managing uncertainty and taking calculated risks.Be part of a rescue expedition to a


Fund-a-Venture is an online information platform that connects a wide base of Entrepreneurs and Investors.

On registering with Fund-a-Venture, Entrepreneurs get a free mentoring session with a VentureBean Consultant.

Fund-a-Venture provides Investors with information and easy access to Entrepreneurs. Fund-a-Venture enables Investors to filter these entities on certain pre-defined criteria based on their interests. Investors can also avail of VentureBean Consulting services to assist with these transactions.