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Business Consultants in Bangalore


Our expertise in Business Planning, improvement in processes, efficiency, profitability and management support for CXO roles, helps grow your business.

Operating Business Growth Plan

  • Idea Validation, Feasibility check
  • Revenue Model – including landscape, 4 Ps / GTM : Product & Service portfolio - across geographies / segments / value chains; evaluate risk / growth elements for RoI.
  • Cost structures including Opex and Capex for Organisation Structure, Infrastructure, Operations, Marketing etc.
  • Risks identification, quantification and mitigation measures.
  • Financials: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows, Valuations.
  • VentureBean follows the 6-Sigma DMAICR (Define-Measure-Analyse-Implement-Control-Report) Process for Growth

Business Scalability Assessment

  • Baseline Review / gap analysis of current business processes
  • End-to-end interlinkages – Flows, KPIs, MIS
  • Impact of such gaps on key business performance metrics
  • Identify improvement areas

Business Process

  • SOP Documentation for scalability across locations
  • Process Optimisation to benchmarked / desired state for each process
  • Work Flows / diagrams for each function / department / process
  • Storyboarding with Process flow description details including hand-offs between functions, mentioning linkage to KPIs, RASICs
  • Dissemination workshops to enable buy-in and alignment
  • Monitoring mechanisms to ensure sustenance
  • VentureBean partners to help implement recommendations, action plans to ensure business objectives, outcomes

Strategic Partnering for Growth

  • Operational / Implementation Assistance
  • Help with hiring and scaling the right resources
  • Assist in real-time operational performance management, across functions, including managing challenges
  • Growth management including
  • Operational Structuring for growth - People and Business processes structuring and strengthening
  • Performance Management system including Roles and responsibilities / KRA, KPIs, process flow documentation across the organisation
  • SOPs for functions / verticals & Governance / monitoring mechanisms for sustenance
  • Mentoring for promoters / key team members

Business Consultants in Bangalore

We at VentureBean focus on sustainable, profitable growth, with a focus on business processes and people.

We help assess, baseline your business and standardize, benchmark to best of the breed.

Our expertise in Business Planning, improvement in processes, efficiency, profitability, and management support for CXO roles, helps grow your business.

Working with our professional team of management consultants eases the way forward in navigating challenges, every step of the way.

VentureBeans’ Team

VentureBeans’ team of business consultants in Bangalore are knowledgeable and practical by training – they have to be – in order for us to be able to discuss and understand the sensitive subject of business performance with the top management and provide business consultation.

Our business consulting services spans every aspect of business such as:

Business growth plan

Scalability assessment

Business process re-engineering

Strategic partnering for growth

Enhancing Business Performance

We have developed the capability to quickly learn the business and revenue model through our vast experience serving business sectors such as: IT, AI, manufacturing, consumer products, retail, EdTech, healthcare, insurance, internet, eCommerce and the energy sector.

However, our business consulting services focuses on profitability optimization, scalability opportunities and identifying growth avenues and not just the industry expertise – that is the strong point from the client side.

At VentureBean, we provide direction and professional advice for enhancing business performance to optimal heights. We attribute this success to our team’s commitment and deep involvement with every step of the business process from:

We approach business consulting through a step-by-step process with the modus operandi of:

FAQ’s for Business Consulting Services

We present answers to some of the queries that arise frequently in the process of
shortlisting business consultation firms:
VentureBean business consultants are an excellent match when you face business disruptions by:
  • Competition
  • Challenges in strategic planning for the future
  • When you chart a growth program
  • And when you want to improve internal processes
Connect with us through the listed eMail or phone, we will meet with you, gain an understanding of each other, we will present our expertise and track record and only then make the decision of hiring VentureBean Consulting as your management consulting firm.
We will work with you in every aspect of business planning, improve processes, maximize efficiency and optimize profitability.
Certainly. People development is one of our primary competencies and this includes:
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Competency Development
Management consultation covers a broad range of activities such as: such as industry research, competitor analysis, strategic direction, operations management and human resources.
The process in a sequence broadly are as follows:
  • Discovery
  • Diagnosis
  • Data collection
  • Feedback
  • Implementation
A business/management consultation engagement meets the following objectives:
  • Expert level discussion to identify problem areas.
  • Making a diagnosis and review initial outline of problem.
  • Providing recommendations.
  • Assist in implementation of recommended solutions.
  • Establish consensus and commitment around recommended solutions.