VentureBean Consulting (VBC) has been founded by alumni of IIM’s and a former IIM faculty member

We partner with intellectual, managerial and financial capital, to create sustainable and high-performing enterprises.

We assist our clients in:

  • Business transition and growth
  • Business restructuring and business model transformation
  • Formulating and executing organic and inorganic growth strategies
  • Process reengineering & operations streamlining
  • Developing leadership & nurturing talent
  • Growing organisation capability at all levels

Footprint in Bangalore and Delhi


Featured Leadership Interventions

Niche interventions

We design creative and unique interventions for clients that give the edge to business and leadership performance. Our interventions span areas like Visioning, Business Acumen, Managing Paradox, How to be a good Mentor, Success in a Matrix World, Leading Change. Our workshops for women leaders, W@W give women the tools and mentorship they need to succeed as leaders

Leadership interventions

Managers at all levels of the organization need competencies, guidance and personal frameworks that will enable them to succeed and grow as leaders. We offer comprehensive leadership interventions across all levels of management, carefully developing executive trainees into First Time Managers, and thereon to leadership at mid-management. We facilitate the creation of a stable senior leadership pipeline and for Senior Managers, we provide accelerated leadership interventions and Mentoring.


Experiential learning using games has been proven to increase the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Our Game based workshops provide an immersive and engaging environment that influences natural participant behaviors and attitudes and impact leadership competencies. Facilitated contextual debriefs lead participants to reflect on behaviors and performance and ensure learning and skills are transferred to the work context.

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